How our Shop is dealing with COVID-19

COVID-19. It has flooded our social media, nightly news, and communities. It goes without saying that this thing has created worry and panic across the globe. But if you’re looking for that here—you won’t find it. We haven’t lost our hope, and you shouldn’t either. We’re going to get through this!

Route 103 Auto has been deemed an essential business, and we are ready and willing to serve you! During the “Stay Home” order, we have put several new policies in place to keep our staff and clients in good health and good spirits.

  • We promise to provide you the same great service you’ve come to expect!
  • We will follow all applicable health regulations.
  • We will sanitize your vehicle prior to repairs, and then again after exiting your vehicle.
  • We will wear gloves during each service, and change gloves upon entering/exiting your vehicle
  • We are now offering Courtesy Pick up & Drop Off Service (within 10-mile radius)
  • Our waiting area is currently closed. All vehicles must be dropped off. If you are unable to drop your vehicle, please contact us to make arrangements.
  • Offer touchless transactions – all payments must be taken over the phone. Invoices and payment receipts will be sent via email